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December 08 ,2017

NEWS November 28, 2017

6 things you need to know about Race Class Change Card.

How’s everyone doing heroes! Feeling bored of your current class? Why don’t you change one? Here are 6 things you need to know about Race Class Change Card.


1. The Equipment and gems you already had cannot be transferred to fit your new class but the equipment you own will remain in you inventory. A new set of purple equipment of you class will be sent to you via in-game e-mail.


2. Only the Magic and physical attack of Glyph attributes will be transferred to fit your new class.


3. Mythic weapon,pets, mounts and the refinement of equipment will remain unchanged


4. Race, class can only be changed when players reach level 45. Also, players cannot change their race or class when they are out of capital, in combat or flying situation, have unread emails or something to sell in the auction house, less than 10 blocks in the inventory.


5. The record of instance participation and reward reclaim status will be the same as before.


6. Certain items will be given back to player after they used Race Class Change Card to level up their talent again