Be the king! What’s new in Crystal warfare.

We are at war! The 3D Classic MMO Dragon Revolt has come to a new era! Reach level 110 and get stronger than ever. Be the king of battle in the Battle Royal PvP mode. Sho...

February 01 ,2018

NEWS December 08, 2017

Conquer in a civilized manner? Check out the Dragon Revolt crafting System.

In the world of Gellanpor, warriors are fighting tirelessly for the glory of their factions, while there are some ‘exceptions’ who prefer the life away from the battlefield. Whether it is for gathering medicinal herbs and mining ore, or Hunting, skinning and chopping woods, the crafting system offers players who are ‘less aggressive’ a new way of conquering the world!


Who said Killing is the only way of conquering?
The war between Lothelan and Ashitar never ends. However,  war is never the only thing for Gellanporian to consider. players can always enjoy the pastoral life when they feel tired of the endless battle. In the crafting system, players can be able to collect herb, mine ore, chop wood, skin animals, the materials they gathered can be used for alchemy, forging, engineering and enchantment which can be put on the market for sale afterward if they want! How about be the king of Wall Street in Dragon Revolt, Conquer others economically!


Gathering and Crafting

There are so many consumables to be crafted in Dragon Revolt for self-usage and sale. To get the business started, firstly players need to take the right tool to gather enough materials. For example, the herb sickle, the axe, the hoe and the dagger. Those tools can be bought in the market with silver or in the in-game store with gold or diamond.



Only with higher collection skill level, can players get high-quality materials. Also most importantly, max collection skill level is related to the max level of characters. One thing needs to be considered is that there will only be singular level materials, which means by gathering level 3 materials, players could get level 2 materials by chance. (the level of material players get will never exceed the level of material player collects)


There are two ways of collecting materials, one is collecting manually, which is the fastest way. But it will consume tools’ durability of course. Another way is the offline collecting which only needs the player to appoint certain areas, and the collecting process will be conducted automatically, such way consumes nothing but the efficiency is reduced drastically.



When the materials are enough gathered, Players can tap the craft button and be teleported to crafts masters where they can start making their consumables! Higher level consumables require specific recipes to make which can only be obtained in in-game store or world bosses. Furthermore,the skills of crafting certain high-level product will be unlocked automatically when players reached the level. Finally, keep in mind that it takes some stamina to make consumables, So don't forget to restore your stamina by using stamina potion or completing tasks before starting your crafting business.   


Glory and gold, be prepared for it! Get rich and stay safe! See you in Gellanpor!