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We are at war! The 3D Classic MMO Dragon Revolt has come to a new era! Reach level 110 and get stronger than ever. Be the king of battle in the Battle Royal PvP mode. Sho...

February 01 ,2018

NEWS November 21, 2017

Spirit Awakening Update is Coming!

The Dragon’s Spirit is awakened, and the Ranger has arrived! -- We are glad to announce that the Winged Destiny Update is coming soon! The update brings brand new massive maps, Oblivion Forest arouses the soul, and Ash Beach waits to be explored. Break through the level limits and unlock the Mythic Weapon Pact. Lv. 100 team dungeon -- Secret Realm, will be unsealed, together with new main stages waiting for you to challenge! With the assistance of awakening pets, explosion damage is available now! Align yourself with a faction and team up to fight for massive glories, collect Mythic Weapons hidden all over the Gellanpor and become the fearless Ranger! Does the future belong to the Empire or the Alliance? Spirit Awakening update will recall your raiding memories!



Complete list of Winged Destiny Features: 


1. Adding new class: Ranger, and class transferring. Adding new mount: Polar Chariot


2. Unseal Lv. 100 limit and Lv. 100 team dungeon: Secret Realm. Unlock new map Ash Beach and Oblivion Forest


3. Adding Pet Treasure Hunt, Pet Awakening and Pet Assist


4. Adding Mythic Weapon Pact


5. Adding Lv. 100 main stages: Rebirth Ruins, Sprite Altar, and Soul Temple


6. Unlock Guild Level limit to 15


7. Adding double experience slot function