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In the world of Gellanpor, warriors are fighting tirelessly for the glory of their factions, while there are some ‘exceptions’ who prefer the life away from the battlefie...

December 08 ,2017

NEWS October 24, 2017

Shadow of Darkness Update Now Live!

If you see Obsidian Dragon King, that’s the Shadow of Darkness update on its way, bringing out a good deal of Halloween gifts. -- We are glad to announce that the Shadow of Darkness Update is now live! This update introduces 2 new dungeons: Lv. 90 team dungeon – Time’s Door, and new Hero Dungeon - Obsidian Dragon King. Players not reaching level requirements can join others’ team to fight in dungeons too. More Mythic Weapons are showing up over the Gellanpor! Does the future belong to the Empire or the Alliance? See what happens in the Dragon Revolt Shadow of Darkness Update!



New Features:


  1. Adding new Halloween items: Silver and Gold Pumpkin Chest
  2. Adding new Halloween titles: Dragon Crowd and Overlord
  3. Adding Lv.90 team dungeon, new Hero Dungeon: Obsidian Dragon King
  4. Adding new Lv. 90 outfits, and Mythic Weapons
  5. New Dungeon rule: Players not reaching level requirements can join others’ team dungeons now
  6. Adding new Peak Store, and Treasure Hunter
  7. Adding new pets and mounts
  8. Adding 2 more Tiers in the Throne War