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February 01 ,2018

NEWS September 26, 2017

Compilations of the dangerous beasts No.3 – Dare to Challenge?

Dragon Revolt’s seamless giant world is home to a vast array of resources and different biomes. Unique areas such as Snow Mountain, dense forests, or scorching deserts are home to unique beasts with deadly attack capabilities. Players need constant vigilance against all monsters, but some are scarier than others. We've placed them in categories so you can be better prepared when you eventually come face to face with one.


Level B creatures are antique, and they have tough layers of skin which protects them from attack.


There is such a rare kind of creature in Dragon Revolt, it is an ancient sculpture awakened by unknowns. It’s so dreadful that adventures can barely survive from its attacks. 


Name: Frost Golem

Location: sacred Ice Lake of Lothelan - Glacial Vale



A moving sculpture awakened by someone mysterious. As a huge rock itself, Forest Gloem is invincible; it attacks enemies indiscriminately. There are some stories spreading about him, someone says it stays there to protect the destroyed portal behind him; it is also said that it is a pathetic life summoned by a wand in error.


Laser: Anything shot by Laser leaves nothing but dusts.

Power of Elements: Controls all stones around to attack enemies insanely.

Splitting earth: Countless ice drops down from the sky, casting damages to enemies indiscriminately and it is extremely hard to dodge. 



Level A creatures are mortally and extremely dangerous, almost no chance to escape and survive.

Level A creatures are the most dangerous monsters in this list. They are cruel, tyrannical and inhuman. Countless warriors tried to challenge these deadly monsters to prove their strength and bravery, but very few of them have made it and proved they are the most extraordinary warriors on the continent.

Name: The Butcher

Location: Tower of Wrath/Road of Doom of Ashitar- Doomsday Mountain




Butcher owns a perfect nickname, yes that’s just “butcher”, which exactly describes the beast. It is entrenched in the Doomsday Mountain, where thousands of corpses are piled up, this monster of half human and half demon always takes the initiative!



Demon Force: Absorbs strength from the undead nearby to enhance its own power.

Triple attack: Continuously attack the ground to deal huge damage.