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February 01 ,2018

NEWS September 18, 2017

Winged Destiny Update Now Live!

The dramatic history of the Lothelan Empire and Ashitar Blood Alliance's deadly war is on the horizon! -- We are glad to announce that the Winged Destiny Update is now live! This update introduces 3 new dungeons: Ancient Altar, Abyss Temple, and Temple of the Giants, as well as Expedition Quest, new Ruins Dungeon and Hero Dungeon. Players can collect Mythic Weapons hidden all over the Gellanpor and morph their mounts for extra power! Does the future belong to the Empire or the Alliance? See what happens in the Dragon Revolt Winged Destiny Update!


Complete list of Winged Destiny Features: 
1.    Unseal Level 90, Adding new main level: Ancient Altar, Abyss Temple, Temple of the Giants and Expedition Quest, adding new Ruins Dungeon and Hero Dungeon


2.    Adding Treasure Merchant Function in Guild

3.    Adding new Time Limit Quest in World Adventure Function


4.    Adding Dim Shop for exchanging purple pet shards, no pet shards will drop directly in Hero Dungeons


5.    Adding powerful Mythic Weapon


6.    Adding Friends Blessing system


7.    Adding Mount Morph Function


8.    Adding new Mount: Sun Deer, Stinger, new Pets: Pirate Penguin and Mummy