Compilations of the dangerous beasts No.2 – Dare to Challenge?

Dragon Revolt’s seamless giant world is home to a vast array of resources and different biomes. Unique areas such as Snow Mountain, dense forests, or scorching deserts ar...

August 31 ,2017

NEWS August 04, 2017

Get to Know Gellanpor – Faction Battle

Escort Mission


Battle against thousands for a chance at resources and glory!



The Gezaier Islands are a neutral area in Gellanpor where the Empire and the Alliance regularly show down for resource control. Numerous battles happen here, especially the offensive and defensive Escort Mission every night, which is by far the most intense faction battle that happens in Dragon Revolt.


Attacking Empire’s Cargo



In the Escort Mission, players need to stay close to their own cargo and always be prepared to defend it from an enemy attack. Once the cargo gets destroyed or reaches the end point, the two factions will swap roles. If the cargo of both sides manages to make it to the finish without being destroyed, the faction battle ends in a draw. The system will reward every participant with a Rank Honor Reward, and all players in the server can collect the Faction Event Rewards using the Faction Event interface.