Compilations of the dangerous beasts No.2 – Dare to Challenge?

Dragon Revolt’s seamless giant world is home to a vast array of resources and different biomes. Unique areas such as Snow Mountain, dense forests, or scorching deserts ar...

August 31 ,2017

NEWS July 21, 2017

Get to Know Gellanpor Some More--Dragon Revolt Brings PC-Level Game to Mobile

Dragon Revolt's got everything you could want in a classic fantasy MMO, from cargo missions, dynamic living systems, creepy hardcore dungeons, and more. Develop your magical fighting skills here to take control of the realm and be a legendary hero.

Try Your Luck for Dungeon Rewards


The Ruins Dungeons is a great place for you to test out different equipment combos. Any players level 25 or higher can join, and are eligible to receive rewards ranging from Silver, Exp, all types of equipment, Glyphs, and Gems. There are 10 different Ruins Dungeons available currently, and you'll need to team up with 3 other players to enter. Compared to ordinary dungeons, Ruins are incredibly challenging, so bring your A game!


Skill alone won't earn you those awesome rewards, though. You'll need luck on your side when you roll the dice to determine your reward. Different point levels and dice rolls mean different rewards. Orange level equipment will usually be sent to players with higher rolls. Be sure to do your lucky dance before you roll that dice!