Compilations of the dangerous beasts No.2 – Dare to Challenge?

Dragon Revolt’s seamless giant world is home to a vast array of resources and different biomes. Unique areas such as Snow Mountain, dense forests, or scorching deserts ar...

August 31 ,2017

NEWS July 10, 2017

Kingdom Uprising Now Live!

Total darkness is trying to overtake Gellanpor, and a new demon has emerged to stare down the continent -- we are glad to announce that the Kingdom Uprising Update is now live!  This Update introduces 2 new Team Dungeons: Demon Seal and Time’s Door. Players can test their skills and experience in the thrilling 3v3 PvP Battles - new Throne War battlefields too. Are you ready to take on the night in Dragon Revolt’s Kingdom Uprising Update?



Complete list of Demon Destroyer Features: 


  1. Adding in-game voice chat


  1. Adding French and German in-game language support


  1. Guild Bandits Function added
  2. Glyph Engraving Function added
  3. Throne War Function added
  4. New Lv. 80 dungeon: Demon Seal and Team Dungeon Challenge: Time's Door
  5. 3 new sets of Lv. 80 equipments for each class added
  6. Soldier Shop Function added
  7. World Boss entrance interface added
  8. New Mounts Added: Rocket Pig, Desert Croc, Soul Panther and Mana Prawn
  9. New Pets Added: Sand Snake, Treebear and Soul Golem
  10. Screenshot and Share function added