Compilations of the dangerous beasts No.2 – Dare to Challenge?

Dragon Revolt’s seamless giant world is home to a vast array of resources and different biomes. Unique areas such as Snow Mountain, dense forests, or scorching deserts ar...

August 31 ,2017

NEWS May 22, 2017


Dear players,


As we said in previous announcement, we have solved some fatal crash issues and started a new round of TestFlight for iOS version. To help all players get a better experience of the game, we have configurated the our server and closed previous version from now.


Now dear players, please follow the steps below to install a new version.


1. Note down your Account Name and Password.


2. Delete your current Dragon Revolt App.


3. Open your TestFlight App and find the new version 1.0.2(107) to install.



If you have any question, please contact us via Email,


Dragon Revolt Team