Compilations of the dangerous beasts No.1 – Dare to Challenge?

Dragon Revolt’s seamless giant world is home to a vast array of resources and different biomes. Unique areas such as Snow Mountain, dense forests, or scorching deserts ar...

August 14 ,2017

Get to Know Gellanpor – Faction Battle

The Gezaier Islands are a neutral area in Gellanpor where the Empire and the Alliance regularly show down for resource control. Numerous battles happen here, especially t...

August 04 ,2017

Get to Know Gellanpor Some More--Dragon Revolt Brings PC-Level Game to Mobile

Dragon Revolt's got everything you could want in a classic fantasy MMO, from cargo missions, dynamic living systems, creepy hardcore dungeons, and more. Develop your magi...

July 21 ,2017

Kingdom Uprising Now Live!

Total darkness is trying to overtake Gellanpor, and a new demon has emerged to stare down the continent -- we are glad to announce that the Kingdom Uprising Update is now...

July 10 ,2017

Get to Know Gellanpor

Dragon Revolt has all the best features of a classic MMO, including aerial combat and special jumping abilities, allowing players a wide range of battle experiences. Let'...

July 04 ,2017

Claim Your Gift at MMOsite !

Dragon warriors, we've brought you some good news today!

June 15 ,2017


Dragon Revolt Global Launch has Arrived !

The story takes place in a classic time, when knights defended the realm and emperors ruled with iron fists inside ivory towers, when the deadly edge of the sword was mat...

June 08 ,2017



As we said in previous announcement, we have solved some fatal crash issues and started a new round of TestFlight for iOS version. To help all players get a better experi...

May 22 ,2017


A New Round of Test Flight is Ready for iOS platform!

Thank you very much for your passion and support on Dragon Revolt. The first-round of close beta tests for both iOS and Android platforms have come to an end at 21:00 P.M...

May 22 ,2017

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